Friday, March 29, 2013

Happies and Crappies

Happy Friday!! I hope that for those of you who are working or doing the school thing, this day is going by fast. I'm so excited for this weekend to begin. Although technically the weekend started at 3 pm yesterday but still. We have a fun weekend planned! Very simple but are those always the funniest? Sunday is Easter and I'm really looking forward to it. My parents still get me (and Brian) gifts and all, which is so nice! But the main thing I'm looking forward to is my grandmother coming over for the afternoon and or Easter dinner. We usually have her over go out with her for holidays. We love it and I know it makes her day. When I was younger, I loved getting the Easter baskets and having her over. But back then, having her over just meant that someone was coming over...who doesn't love visitors?! But now I enjoy it and appreciate it even more. She lives 10 minutes away so we can see her when we went or invite her over just because. We usually go a week or two without seeing her so when we do, its even more special. And, my mom is off from work this Easter so that's a score also!!

What are your Easter plans? Do you have any traditions?

Today, I'm so excited to link up with Sarah and Stephanie for the first time!!

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  1. Got to Skype with this wonderful little girl and my sissy in law! They live in Louisiana so we barely see them. These Skype dates are few and far between because my sister in law works 50 hours a week and has to take care of this little one, so we'll take it whenever she says she's available  The picture kinda stinks. This time I used my phone so I could post it on instagram (follow me if you'd like: @krissygirl13). ON top of me using my phone, my sister in law also used hers to do the skyping. Poor her, lost her laptop because it crashed back in December! It's pretty entertaining when you have a toddle who learned during our session how to end the call. 

2. The weather has finally decided to get warmer and the snow is almost melted. It's supposed to be about 63 on Monday! We were even able to take this little guy for a walk on Wednesday

3. My dad didn't have to go away on business this week. He only goes for one nigh so its not really a big deal but its just nice to have him home

4. This might sound weird but start girl randomly started talking to me in the bathroom at school Tuesday. I was fixing my hair between classes and she was doing the same. No idea who this girl is, what her name is, anything but she randomly started talking to me and we walked down the cafe together was kinda nice!

5. I love that I'm making friends in Abnormal Psych. Sure I talk to these girls but in class only. This week we met outside of class to discuss our group project and it seems we became closer!

6. Apparently I'm doing pretty well in Statistics class. We started the semester at the end of January and this whole time I've been worried and stressed. My test grades aren't terrible but aren't amazing so I've been unsure because they don't update us on grades or anything. But while chatting with my teacher the other day, he complemented on how well I'm doing, it felt good!

7. I'm surprisingly starting to accept the fact that I cant always get 90s on tests or do perfect on homework. I have ALWAYS been the girl who had to have her homework perfect and if it wasn't  I'd freak. I'd study for an exam like there was no tomorrow, I was always at school even if I was sick, I'd come home from school and not do anything, even eat, until every last problem was completed. Now that I'm in college, I've started to accept that I cant have it all perfect. I cant always know every answer because if I did, I wouldn't learn anything. 


1. I'm SO mad at Wendy's  How can I be mad at a place that serves $1 burgers, right? Back when i was about 16-17, my dad and I had a tradition. Every Friday while my mo was at work, he would come home from work and on the way home he'd stop at burger king and get me chicken nuggets and fries. This happened every week. We'd sit with our dinner and watch our "special" TV shows the rest of the night. I was always home with my mom and so this was a nice time for my dad and I. We stopped for awhile because of how greasy and just bad the fast food was. But, back in November of 2011 (yes, I can remember this!) my dad told me that Wendy's came out with a Chicken Caesar Wrap. He ordered both of us one and it was AMAZING. The problem was, I hate Caesar  For months, we only ordered it every so often. But last year sometime, we started our tradition again. Every Friday or so, we go to the grocery store, my dad gets his dinner and then we drive to Wendy's to get me a wrap and fries. We used to go through the drive through and always say "no Caesar" Most of the time, they'd get it wrong. Understandable though. I then decided to start going inside. And surprisingly, they would get it right more often. I think they know me by face now, because whenever I saw "no Caesar" they turn around and tell the person making it. This past Wednesday, not good. I waited in line 15 minutes (with only one person in front of me). She had placed her order before the 15 minutes had started which was even worse. I ordered my wrap finally, the guy turned around and yelled 'no Caesar". So, I assumed it would be good, because this is how we've done it for months and its been fine. As I left the building, the lady in front of me went up and said her order was wrong. I didn't think anything of it. When getting home, I opened up the wrap and sure enough, it had Caesar. I wasn't happy. I tried to call 5 times but they didn't answer. I decided to let it go because it was only $3.69, but still, it was the principle of the thing

2. Abnormal Psych was annoying on Tuesday. I swear that people still think they are in high school or just haven't grown up. Have any of you that are in school, found this to be true? There are a few girls int he class who just cant stop talking. On Tuesday someone brought up a question about the test we just took. Then another student started talking and wouldn't stop. Even when the teacher said that it wasn't an appropriate time to talk about the subject the student wouldn't stop.  This student thinks she knows everything and spends 20 minutes at a time "teaching" us what our teacher already has been. her and another girl also go off on tangents. First what they say does have to do with what we're talking about but then they start talking about something totally different. Needless to say, there was ALOT of tension int he air Tuesday.

Honestly, that's it for my crappies, which I'm so glad about. I love when the weeks don't include too many negative things!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I cant wait to hear about your Easter!


Annastasia zink said...

Hey! Glad you are starting to make.some friends in your classes. I know as a commuter its extremely hard to meet people! I also am excited for easter get to see everyone should be a good time. & p.s. I took abnormal psych as well omg best class its so fun.
-Annastasia xox

Anonymous said...

Your niece is adorable! Glad the happies seemed to outweigh the crappies!

Jamie Lauren Felicity said...

Hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend!

Heather Nelsen said...

How nice that your grandma lives so close! I can so relate to you trying to make perfect grades and do perfect homework- I was the same way when I was in school! ...And I'm totally with you on the weather- we need the warm days to STAY! We are going to brunch with Matt's family and then having my family over to our house for Easter dinner. We're looking forward to a great day! Hope you enjoy yours too!


Jamie said...

Hope you got some warm weather today! We hit 60 degrees. Woo hoO!

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