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I'm a believer that things happen for a reason, that you yourself is the only thing to make you happy, and to live life to the fullest. Being a believer is the reason I choose the blog title I did. The saying "Happiness is a mood, Not a Destination" came from the one show I absolutely love, One Tree Hill. So beyond sad that it ended! The episode was about what comes next for each character. Whether it be a new job opportunity, a new found love, being satisfied with where they are in life, struggles they were facing and how they are going to start over. It was a powering episode because it was able to portray the struggles or happiness we all face. Even though they were characters, they made it so real and so powerful. The character that said this quote, was talking to his fiance about how we cant ALWAYS be happy. Sometimes we're sad, upset, frustrated, disappointed etc and that if we keep reminding ourselves that its ok to feel those things than being happy might come more often. 

I love being happy. It's something that I am 80% of the time. True, sometimes I get upset (if you ask my fiance he'll laugh at this!) when things don't go my way or get anxious when something changes. Every mood is accounted for at some point. But that's ok..When I was  younger it was alot harder to deal with things that I didn't like and I'm proud to admit that now that I'm older I'm able to deal with things easier which makes me happy more. 

As I'm sure we've seen in all my previous posts, I love to talk and give my "professional" opinion, which is fine because we each believe things and have our own way of looking at life. Today though, I'm going to let the following inspirational quotes do the talking.

These quotes are unique and come from a very special place that I'm so excited to share. My cousin and her hubby have their own's totally out of this world. They write about life, relationships and every little thing in between. They have many different parts to their blog that capture the different aspects they talk about. They also came out with an eBook not long ago! I honestly love going to look at the new things they post everyday! I have to admit I'm struggling to write this paragraph because their blog is just so great that you have to go see it for yourself. So, sit back and enjoy these wonderful truths of life

There website is:

And for the last one, which totally complements my blog's name....

These are just a few of the great ones they post. I am going to try to do a weekly update on new ones they come up with. I think these are important to think about and remind yourself.

Again, go visit their blog at :


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