Thursday, March 14, 2013

Clothes and Closets

I'm guilty. Totally guilt. Guilty of being too organized. I wouldn't call myself OCD (although some of the symptoms in the "wonderful" power point my professor showed us are the same) but I like things very neat and clean. I'm not the type to wash my hands a million times a day. Don't get me wrong, its fine if you like to but I don't feel I need to. The only time I will do that is if I get food or something on my hands that I don't like, but I'm pretty sure that's natural for anyone. It still amazes me that I was able to work in a diner for 6 months being the washer of the dirty dishes...enough said :) 

Out of the habits I may have, or could have, my biggest is clothes  I HATE when clothes are left on the floor or bed or something. We've all done it, myself included. Getting dressed in the morning or when going to bed sometimes our minds are thinking of something else and we throw a shirt somewhere and just forget. I'll admit that I've done it. For some, its not a big deal and I say hats off to those people for being able to live with clothes on the floor and such. For me though I feel its just too messy  Granted its not spilled water or juice or something and can easily be cleaned but its the whole fact of being there in the first place. The two major reasons I feel this way is because 1) some people don't vacuum alot and so the floors get all dusty and dirty which makes the clothes get dirty too  just because they have been kicked so much. Ok maybe that reason is a little stretched but I've seen it. The second reason is just because if you have clothes or things everywhere and you put something down it can go missing in all the clutter  I cant even count the number of times my fiance's clothes have been out on the bed or floor and I've put my phone down or something and then it goes missing because the dog rolled and it made the clothes wrap the phone up or because the jeans were kicked and the other item rolled or got pushed under the bed. 

This brings me to my personal situation. If you knew my fiance and I at all you'd automatically be able to tell that he doesn't really care about organization and is totally unorganized, and me, like I said is a neat makes for an interesting pair!! If there's anything we've had to get used to living together its that. Its not always a huge deal but sometimes it pushes my buttons.

Brian will come home from work and throw his work shirt and pants and whatever else on my floor and just leave it there. No concern for it. Or he'll pile shirts and stuff up on the little storage/sitting stool I have in my room and says he'll "get to it tomorrow" but never does. I've tripped over clothes, the dog cant get on my bed when everything is piled and things are just messy. I partially understand because he has ADHD and one of the things is that they are terrible at cleaning. So when I can tell its purely that I don't mention it but you BETTER believe that when he's just being lazy I call him out on it. He works alot and so sometimes he's just tired but it's difficult for me because I got to school and after coming home from being there for 6 hours straight, I really don't feel like picking up his mess, I have my own stuff that my parents ask me to do.

One of the reasons why clothes are left places is because we don't have the biggest closets. There's my parents room, my room (which has also because Brian's room) and our computer room  Three rooms, three closets...small closets. My parents just stuff their clothes in their closet but for me and Brian is more difficult. We have a smaller closet and too many clothes. I don't even know who has more clothes to be honest!! When I lived with him, his dad and grandmother, the closet I had wasn't too convenient. Brian already had clothes in it and so I didn't have any room. That resulted in having to bring one or two outfits and then when we would come back here I'd switch the outfits and bring one or two more. It was such a pain!! When we got here it was easier but still not the greatest. The clothes would be squished in there and it was hard to figure out what was what and if you took a shirt of one hanger, another shirt would fall because it was attached to the one I would take, such a pain!! I like clean lines and to be able to glance at my closet and know whats there right away. Because I have too many clothes for the small space, I had to start using the computer room closet. At first it wasn't ideal because there isn't a full rod in that closet so I could only use 50% of it. That's until we saw something on TV that has now saved my life. I know, saved my life is a little strong, but seriously its helped SO much. When I was younger and even now I imagine my future house having a big walk in closet, don't we all wish that?! I already told Brian this is happen, no doubt. For now though, this has honestly helped alot and I'm able to feel ok because it's not messy anymore. 

I forget what its actually called but we saw it on TV a few years ago. I first picked a box up at Target for like 8$. Its one of those "as seen on TV" things. My parents got a second box for me back at Christmas. There are 8 hangers in one with 5 spots to hang clothes. There are two combos and ways you can hang it but I like to hang it downwards so I can have more room. 

This is half of my regular closet, Brian's side. It's hard to tell but each has 4 or 5 shirts hanging. The only problem with this closet is that the rod is lower and I have a blanket and a few pairs of shoes under this so I cant fit all 5 shirts on a hanger. 

This is the closet in the computer that I had to's honestly SO nice!!! and putting a shirt away is so easy. There's an actual space for it instead of just throwing it on the road. I can get way more outfits in this closet than I could before.

This is just showing what the front looks like.

If you have trouble finding room I really would go look for these. It may not be the ideal solution but its made it alot easier for me and it saves so much time and mess!!!


crazyperfectlife said...

I use those in my closet and love them! They save so much room!!

Katherine Newsom said...

Saw your comment and now that I read this - I got a hanger set that had the links to put inbetween just like this...I gotta get more, cause it will help! Thanks again!!

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