Monday, March 11, 2013


Another Monday! The weekends go by way too fast! Fortunately  it's spring break...yay!! My mom took the next two weeks off, so we have tons planned and I cant wait to share that with you.

We had what seemed like a pretty lazy weekend but it was actually eventful. 

On Friday we had that wonderful snow storm so we stayed inside until dinner. My dad had been away the night before for work so when he got home he decided he wanted to go to out. We usually go out/do take out when my mom works. Brian, my dad and myself, once again, went to our favorite restaurant Texas RoadHouse

I could eat there all the time! :)

Saturday was beautiful. 56 degrees and sunny, couldnt ask for anything better! My mom and I decided to take a walk. We've been missing it! 

After we got back, the afternoon did a 180. Nothing bad but not what we had planned. Around 12:30 Brian was leaving for work and as I'm saying bye to him near the door some car pulls in the dirveway and this guy gets out. Well, as I got to the door I realize it's my 2nd cousin. Now, before I go any further you have to understand that this guy is 72, in great shape and healthy but his BIGGEST, and i mean biggest, flaw is that he can talk for hours. Like, he doesn't even need to stop. So I let him in, there's nothing else I can do now. My mom, him and I sit in the kitchen and he tells a story for the next hour, just one story and it was about him getting in a minor car accident!! I have never met anyone in my life who could make what should be a 10 minute story, an hour long story. My dad hadn't come home and my mom had to work so he was going to leave, but as my mom left my dad got home. I'm pretty sure my dad was hoping he wouldn't be there. Not because we don't like him but just because we wanted to just hang out and not have to entertain anyone. Well, this was about 2:00. Little did we know he'd stay til 4, crazy! He just couldn't stop talking. My poor mom and I even missed eating lunch because we didn't want to be rude! Needless to say, we got NOTHING done that afternoon. 

After dinner my dad surprised me and said him and I were going to start painting the trim in my parents room. See, all of the trim in the house was brown. The windows, doors and baseboards. My room was the first to be painted over, the trim is now white. The computer room was next. We did a major renovation in 2006 and so everything got repainted and done. My parents room is last. They haven't done anything to it just because they didn't really care up until now. So, we spent Saturday night painting  It was fun! It brought me back to when my grandfather was alive. He was a true painter and when he'd paint him and my grandmother's apartment, he'd left us grand kids help. We could only do one brush stroke though, nothing more! I miss doing that with him so it was nice to be able to share that with my dad. 

Sunday was basically a lazy day. My dad and I painted again. I have to say that its very difficult when you've never painted, except for one brush stroke of course :) Sunday was also Bailey's birthday. He's now 6. Since my mother was at work, we are "celebrating" today with this

As I said the rest of the day was pretty lazy. Bailey even agreed!!

Today Brian had the day off so we decided to go for lunch. Brian is in the process of becoming a pilot and there's a cafe that we LOVE to go to at the airport where he flys. So good and cheap. 

My mom had gone with my aunt and her two dogs to the beach and Bailey was upset because he couldn't go. My mom and car rides are his favorites so its hard when she leaves. Brian and I decided to take him for a walk since it was so nice

Now that the day is also done, I'm so looking forward to all we have planned this week!!!

By the way, I finally caved and got an instagram! See to the left sidebar :)

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