Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday - it's not really secret anymore!

Happy Friday Friends!! I apologize for being MIA this week a bit. I caught some sort of sickness that started Sunday and has stayed by my side. This week, though, waited for no one. Two tests on back to back days! Despite all of that, the week was good overall. Here are my five!

I'd like to give a small rant for a minute. I understand completely that things can go wrong or that there are alot of orders to be filled at once but here's the thing...I placed the order online on October 25th. My order status said the packages should arrive between October 30th and Nov 4th. Ok great! About a week which is understandable. I waited anxiously that whole week. I come home on Halloween to find a package...but it wasn't mine. My dad had ordered something the night after I did and the package was for him. I was antsy at first because he got his first. Again I waited. Nov 4th came around, the latest it was to arrive. Nothing. Although it sounds crazy I'll admit in the back of my mind I semi thought maybe it had come and someone picked it up. Totally unlikely but still. I waited Tuesday and Wednesday, noting. By Thursday I decided to go onto the website to customer service. After a few clicks I realized I could click the tracking number and go to the Fedex website. It's there that I discovered the packages hadn't even been shipped until two days ago, which was Nov 5th. Needless to say I waited two weeks but finally it came!

2/3 of the package. 

New hairdo! So blonde. Now that my hair is growing, you can see the dark brown underneath where I dont have highlights. It's kind of cool!

So this probably isn't a big deal to anyone but my mom's side of the family tends to use birthdays as excuses. When the Red Sox were in the World Series my Uncle begged his Facebook friends for tickets because it was "his birthday." Or if someone wants to get spoiled or something they play the birthday card. We also celebrate half birthdays. On Wednesday my dad randomly texted me...

Due to my sickness thing, my mom bought a bunch of stuff to "make me feel better." One legitimate thing was this. I was so excited. I haven't had it in ages! It's the little things :)

So about this Starbucks thing...

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


Night Owl said...

Your hair looks great.

would love for you to come check me out.

Mary said...

That necklace was definitely worth the wait. :-) Newest follower from the link up, nice to "Meet" you!

Haylee said...

I love that blouse/necklace combo, and your hair looks great. :)

heydanixo said...

Your hair is looking good (:

Letters from a Mermaid said...

Your blog is doing fantastic, your hair looks BEAUTIFUL and so refreshing in this gloomy weather, and your white bauble necklace is SO CUTE. So glad I stopped by. i hope you are doing great :)

Tawnys Tid Bits said...

I hate purchasing things on the Internet. I guess I just get too excited that I have to have it NOW! :) Glad no one swiped it from your front porch though! :)

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