Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I cannot believe it's November 4th already! While I love the holidays, it'd be nice to say goodbye to Fall at a little slower of a pace.

I don't have too many pictures from the weekend so I figured I'd give you a list instead.

1. We have trees everywhere in our big neighborhood, including a few in our own front/back yard. Surprisingly the ones in our yard just changed color this past week. They were green and turned beautiful basically overnight. My dad and I were finishing up some outdoor chores today, such a mowing the lawn, picking up leaves, putting the reflectant poles in for the snowplow (already!) and a few other odds and ends. I couldn't help but snap a few last Fall shots

2. We got a call Friday saying one of my great aunts was in the hospital due to a fall. She's about 86 years old. She's still very with it and SOOO funny but has become clumsy. Back at the beginning of the year she was admitted to the hospital/rehab due to an oxygen thing, so then she has an oxygen tank at home. She fell in the parking lot of her apartment building last month and now this. She broke her hip and had surgery last Thursday by falling. She was visiting a friend and a family member of the friend fell onto of her when she fell We went to see her yesterday and as we were leaving, she was being taken for an MRI. She has a compressed fracture in her L1 (back). She was transferred to rehab (in the nursing home where my mom works!) and will be there for maybe a month. While she has the best sense of humor, it's sad to see. She lives alone. Her son lives in Florida and she only has a few nieces and nephews up here. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for a speedy recovery for her!

3. I don't know about you all but I can be semi impatient. I order three awesome things from Kohls last weekend. They said the stuff would arrive between Oct 30 and Nov 4. I understand that, which means it'll probably come tomorrow but it's been so hard to wait! I've been checking the mail non stop for days. It doesn't help that I got the bill in the mail on Friday. Isnt it funny that it just so happened to work out that way. I can picture them saying "We get our money and you get more antsy" Such a tease!

4. I've probably been annoying you with mentioning midterms and papers for the past week. I've been lucky and have never had "midterms" in any classes I've taken thus far, so it's really new to me. I was kind of stressed with getting it all done because some of the things came up really last minute due to my teachers not being organized and concentrating. I got a test and paper back for one class and a paper for another. I still have a bunch of other things that the teachers haven't given back yet. The things I did get back have the following scores on them. I was so so shocked by what I saw!

5. It's really cold and has been for days. We've had a few frosts. Yesterday we woke up to snow!! It's been beautifully sunny for about the last week so it's hard to complain

And just because...the sky was so cool Friday!

6. Lastly, as you all know the Red Sox won the World Series!! The parade/rally was Saturday morning and Brian and his dad went. They travel down the street where the Boston marathon bombing happened back in April. Once they reached the finish line on Saturday, they stopped everything and "God bless America" was sang and they had a little tribute. 

The World Series trophy with the "Boston Strong" jersey

Have a wonderful Monday friends!

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Katie said...

Can't believe you have snow! It's 40 degrees this morning and we are dying!

Sydney said...

WOW! What a great weekend (especially for the Sox!) Way to go with your midterms girl! I've been taking mine for the past 2 weeks, so I know the stress that comes from studying for hours. I'm your newest follower via GFC and I love your blog :)


Haylee said...

Look at those scores! Way to go, Kristen. :) I'll keep your aunt in my prayers.

Laura H said...

You are rocking the grades sista! You go this! Seems like you had an amazing weekend. Still jealous of your weather! Praying for your aunt.

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