Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I would like to drive too...

I haven't really talked about it much on the blog itself but one of the things I cant do due to the disability is drive.

I'll never forget the day I found out. Have you ever had a moment from a long time ago that you swear really  happened but then second guessed yourself? I can picture the day but, then again, I feel it was a dream that I just embellished to fit the time/place Anyway, the kids in one of my elementary school classes were asking about it. One of the special ed teachers was in the room at the time and simply said "no, she wont be able to" I was under 12 so, again, it seems like I'd be too young to really understand it.

It's something that started coming naturally to me as time passed but in my mind I had that thought of "I wont get to have freedom like everyone else." And, I'll admit to this day, if I have the itch to go somewhere, I get a tad bit discouraged when I can't. I rely on my parents and Brian, who have been wonderful. I don't make it a big deal to my parents but if I ask to go somewhere and Brian doesn't want to, I always say that if I could, I'd go myself." I feel bad sometimes because I may have a craving for some type of snack and only want to go to the store 2 minutes away, pointless, right? When it comes to school, I base the times and days I go around my mom and Brian, or at least try to. If I choose a morning class that runs into 1pm or later, both of them may be at work which would mean I'd have to wait for my dad at 5:30pm. I could take the bus, that's an option but I honestly get cheeped out by it. Anyone feel this way about public buses? I only really ask to go anywhere for that matter when I know we'll be out already. It's more convenient but also means I could be in the house for a few days in a room, especially in the summer.

Again, it's something I've become used to, the whole staying in the house for days in a row, but the independent part of me sometimes feels trapped and would love to experience driving. That's until I get into the car with someone and realize how crazy other drivers are....

Here are a few reasons I'm glad I don't drive:

People don't use their blinkers: This is probably the simplest part of driving. A little switch thing you flick. Most cars even shut their blinkers off automatically for goodness sake! The thought process of not using it while getting into another lane or turning baffles me. And then apparently it's your fault that you couldn't read their minds. It also gets me irritated when someone will merge into your lane and put their blinker on pretty much as they already crossed the line. 

When people are in a "hurry" and cant wait until you finish your turn: this happened ALOT while I lived with Brian. Let's say there was a stoplight on a main road. We wanted to turn right onto a side road and there were cards on the other side that wanted to turn left onto the same street. We turn right and before our car fully makes the turn, the car turning left starts to turn. I seriously hate that. Just wait 2 seconds...

Merging onto the highway from an exit: this one I will never understand...there's a yield sign people. I'm pretty sure you passed the grammar portion of every grade in elementary school which included the word yield. If no one is coming I can understand it but normally people just keep going and then get mad when you have to swerve to pass them. You are the one coming onto other peoples' territory (meaning the highway) so why not be respectful? It wont kill you to be for 2 seconds. Again, it's not going to get you anywhere any faster. It's even worse when you are merging onto a main road. One time while in junior high, me and the others in my neighborhood were on the bus going to school. We had to take another exit to get their which included having to put at the top of the exit because there was oncoming traffic. It was a bridge was it was even harder to get around. My bus driver stopped to yield and all of a sudden we felt a big bang. Some idiot in a very small car hit our big bus. What's the point?! 

When you get into an opposite lane to "get there faster: Brian is guilty of this and I tell him all the time. If we are on main road with two lanes on our side and Brian gets "annoyed" with the cars in front of him, you'll move to the other lane. Ok sure, whatever. The problem? We are supposed to be turning right in a matter of 1 or 2 minutes, which means he has to get back into the lane he was originally in. Sometimes that's difficult which makes him mad. I always tell him that I'd rather be a minute or two late or just deal with it for the time being than having to go turn around or something. So many people do it though and it's stupid. The ones who roam in and out of lanes so they can "get there faster" make me laugh. How about when someone is in the left lane and "realizes" their exit is almost right onto of them and has to cut everyone off in order to get to it. Pay attention!

When there is construction: When I used to live with Brian, we'd come to New Hampshire and bunch and would drive the hour back later at night, maybe around 10pm. Summer of 2009 they were doing paving on the highway that was the majority of our drive. I, like everyone, hate traffic in general, so when there's grid lock I get so antsy. The majority of the grid lock happens  because people cant just wait. All these people keep traveling in the lane that will be closed in 2 seconds and then have to force their way into the other lanes. Sometimes I want to give people the benefit of the doubt that they just don't realize the lane is closing because sometimes the sign isn't until the very last second but then I think why would they want to inconvenience themselves and others? Probably because they don't care and want to get ahead. We all have to wait so why don't you? What makes you so powerful?

When people just shove their way in: Where Brian lived, it was a big city. You usually had to go through downtown to get anywhere, the most direct route. I have never seen such a puzzle. Meaning that people come from all different streets onto the main road where there are already cars and just weave in and out. It's actually quite amazing, as long as I'm not part of it! 

Driving in general: I could probably find so many little things to complain about but I dunno, I just feel like the world would be so much nicer if people could just follow the rules. My dad and I watch "The Peoples Court" all the time and there are always so many accident cases. Of course, usually the person that doesn't win will complain. It's simple, follow the rules and there wont be any issue. If you can put on makeup or talk on the phone while driving, you can watch what you are doing. 

What things annoy you about driving?


Laura H said...

Definitely the construction "privilege". There are a lot of road construction here in Tx. The big one now is texting while driving. I see so many people on the roads testing while they are driving and they are swerving all over their lanes. It is scary! Also, I can't stand people that whip around cars. They are speeding on the interstate and swerve all around cars with no blinker just to get ahead. Won't get there fast if you wreck, dude!

Katie Foster said...

Hey girl! I am sorry that you can't drive, but way to put a positive spin on your situation by pointing out all the reasons driving sucks. I commute an hour each way to work and it is killer!!!!!!! Driving can definitely be a pain.

Ren said...

Where I live, people don't take red lights serious.. Once the light turns red at any intersection, at least 2 cars keep going.. Ugh

heydanixo said...

I definitely can relate to you in some ways. Both of my brothers have an eye condition except Alex has it worse. We all dreaded the years as he got closer to being 16 because there was a good chance he would never be able to drive. Thankfully we have not had to cross that bridge yet because he was actually able to get his license. I respect you so much and totally understand your thing with the buses lol. If those are all your driving pet peeves do not come to Florida...its not only God's waiting room, but also the land of people who can't drive.

Have a great day girl! (:

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