Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

What a crazy weekend we had! I'll admit, it's kind of nice sitting here knowing I don't have to get ready for school. Here are some weekend highlights!

On Friday Brian and I went out for some Frozen Yogurt. They just opened a place down the street and my was it tasty! It's awesome that froyo places are being opened everywhere these days! They sent a coupon in the mail and by using it, we paid a combine total of $.13.

As we left, the sky was looking so funky! It takes about 10 minutes to get home from this location and by the time we pulled into the driveway, it had started sleeting!! Crazy New England weather

I was getting hit by "pellet" things as I took this

And speaking of weather...something doesn't look like the others in the below picture. I'm not sure it's going to fully hit here, but bring it on!

Saturday my aunt and uncle hosted a party for my cousin's 16th birthday. It's always so nice to get together with part of our family. By the end of the night we were laughing hysterically. My aunt, uncle and two cousins just moved to this house two months ago. We helped them move but haven't seen the house with furniture and such yet. They did such a great job! At their old house they had their TV mounted to the wall but decided to buy a stand and I'm in love with it. The fireplace is built into the stand which is so neat!

Yesterday was cold and cloudy so we tore my room apart in the morning to vacuum. It's amazing how much dust can gather! My mom and I braved the cold to take Bailey for a walk later on. He was shaking so bad he was cold yet insisted on smelling every inch. We then went to Bed Bath and Beyond and Lowes. Not only are craft stores tempting but Bed Bath and Beyond always has such fun gadgets! Both stores also had Christmas stuff. I was in heaven!

This face! He wasn't happy I was delaying his "sleep"

"I may be bad but I'm good at it!" Totally Bailey

Lastly, I'd like to thank those who thought about my aunt last week! She went to rehab a week ago yesterday. She was fine last Tuesday when my mom saw her. My dad, Brian and I went Friday and she was SO confused. Luckily she was hilarious (probably because of the meds) but it was sad to see how confused she was. She kept telling my dad she was so scared because she didn't know what was happening. We had to keep telling her she was in rehab. She didn't even known she had fallen. It was about 7:30pm and she asked every few minutes "why it was so dark out so early." She thought it was morning. It was amazing to see how down she had gotten. She was put on an IV because of extreme lack of fluids. She hadn't eaten a thing all day either. We haven't gone back but hope the fluids will get her on track. 

Happy Monday!

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Haylee said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend! Brent and I have fro-yo every Friday night. :) Love it!
I'll continue to remember your aunt in my prayers.

heydanixo said...

.13 for froyo???? What a GREAT deal! When Eric and I usually go we always spend 11$ total so not that bad . But one time we went to this one place and I decided I wasn't going to pay attention to what he was doing because we NEVER go over 11$. Well that day we spent 19$ lmao Not sure what they charge per ounce because we didn't look but boy were we shocked.

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