Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five

So glad it's Friday! We have a fun weekend planned that I cant wait to share with you but for today, here are my five for the week!

Picked my classes for next semester. I'm going to stick with two like I have been all along. This current semester was a killer with three. I tell myself it shouldn't be a big deal since so many college students take 5 classes. It's not that I can't do it, I feel more rushed and like I can't get a handle on all the assignments. Plus I have class everyday but Fridays so I dont have much time to get things done during the Monday-Thursday span. I'm taking Social Psychology and Biology. Biology shall be interesting. Has anyone taken it and what did you think? This whole lab thing will be new since I've never done it. I also found out that after this Spring semester I only have 6 classes left before graduation. That would mean Spring 2015. I'm so excited!

This little girl turns 2 today. It's amazing how fast time flies by! It gets heartbreaking sometimes since we can't be with them to experience all her "little" and fun moments. She and my sister in law are flying up Thanksgiving night. My sister in law has planned her birthday party to be up here! 

I got to go out with a good friend from school! It was so nice because she lives an hour away so we only see each other when we both have a lunch break at school. The place we went to was so so good and they dressed it up so nice for Christmas! Christmas lights are my favorite! A peace sign and three stars!

Wednesday I woke up dreading the day. Two classes and in both we were doing debates. I was extremely nervous about one of them. So, waking up to this email was seriously the nicest thing and made my day. I want to say thank you to all of you for reading my blog! I know I may not be the "coolest" blogger or write about all the "in:" things but as long as I can inspire you in some way, I'm proud!

One of the Facebook pages for our city announced Wednesday that there is a book about a string of murders that took place in our city. The name of the book is our cities name! It's about a former police officer from New Hampshire who comes to our city to help investigate the murders. We ordered one that came yesterday. I'm not one for mystery/murder type of books but this is an interesting twist so I'm looking forward to it!

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Katie said...

I'm a chemistry major, so labs are actually my life most days. They're incredibly time-consuming but can be fun if you have a good partner!

Laura H said...

Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Great accomplishment! Also your class schedule sounds perfect for you. You will love social psychology. As for Biology, I was never a science person and waited until the last minute to take them, so I can't give you advice. Sounds like you are having a super start for the weekend! Have fun with your family

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

love those peace sign and star lights too!!! congrats on 100 followers! so exciting!!! xx

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