Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday and "official" start to the holiday season! We had such a fun weekend! I went out of my comfort zone on Saturday but it was so worth it to be with family.

On Saturday a bunch of us went to the Bruins game in Boston. One of my cousins (who is 8) plays for a local kids team. For some reason they were given the chance to skate on the Bruins ice during the first two periods. They called it "3 minutes of fame." The kids play a little 3 minute game which was so fun to watch! My cousin made 2 of the 3 goals...future superstar! I'm not a sport fan so going to the game was a big deal for me. While I wouldn't go to another, it wasn't that bad. When you're sitting at a game in person it feels like the players go so much slower and the atmosphere is so much more relaxed than it seems on TV! I will say though, any fear of heights I didn't know I had, sure showed. Our seats weren't that bad but geez, when we first sat I felt like I was just going to tumble down. It got better though and the Bruins ended up winning!

a) my cousin and his teammates! Future hockey stars
b) Bruins played a great game
c) Being there just had to be documented
d) Closest Brian will get to a picture with one of them. I refuse to get a bruins shirt so was a trader and rooted for a whole other sport
e) Brothers. You'd swear they were twins!
f) Accomplishments

After the game we went back to my cousins' house for food and to relax. 

a) one of my cousins. She was just the cutest lining up all the napkins. She's such a shy girl and barely talks but couldn't stop last night. She was showing us things and making us "bid" on a price. 
b) seriously the devil. We ate way too much food!

Yesterday was SO SO cold and windy. Not just a little windy but so much that wires and traffic lights came down. These two pictures were taken 12 hours apart. Not much change in temperature!

Because we went to the Bruins/my cousins we were gone for about 10 hours and didn't want to leave poor Bailey alone that long. So Brian's dad came and got him for the night. It's amazing how much you can miss an animals in just a day! He was so happy to be home

We aren't putting up our Christmas decorations until after the first week of December but I used my charm to make my dad up this up. It's always meant alot to me because it has my first dog part of it. Cinda was her name. I've mentioned her as being my grandparents dog. They promised me when they both went to heaven I would get her. We put her down in 2002. 

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Letters from a Mermaid said...

You have such a fun exciting life and I always LOVE looking at photos! I miss you friend! What are your plans for Thanksgiving?!

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